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photo:  Ryan Kobane & Chris Swoszowski

photo: Ryan Kobane & Chris Swoszowski

Daily harvest

Refueling Station

Nov 2018 / Jan 2019 

We introduced Daily Harvest's month-to-month farm-frozen food delivery service to new customers IRL with a completely new experiential campaign.  The Refueling Station popped up in NY and LA to surprise consumers on their work commute, flipping the typical gas station service center known for unhealthy snacks into a lush oasis that celebrated good food that works for you.  

Our guests enjoyed delicious smoothies from the mid-century inspired Refueling Station, along with full-size Daily Harvest cups at the 'Car Wash', free rides on our avocado car, seasoning from a coin-operated prize machine, lotto tickets for branded swag, and a fresh cookie ATM at the press of of a button.  The wild success "edu-tained" thousands of visitors converting them into DH aficionados, but more importantly – into customers.


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