Popsugar playground
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photo:  Ryan Kobane

photo: Ryan Kobane


PopSugar Playground 2019

June 2019

PopSugar’s second annual tent-pole initiative engaged once-again a millennial-minded, female audience with a one-of-a-kind playful exposition where there was something for every woman.  Elevating the design year-over-year, The Gathery created a gradient-based graphic suite that transitioned seamlessly from web to live experience.  Stripes emanated, intertwined and revealed that they are indeed made of rainbows - this year’s signature design anchor.

Two stages, color-coordinated lounges, numerous food stations, a PopSugar shop, and an epic rainbow swing were almost rivaled by the 29-sponsored consumer activations from brands including Nine West, Kohl’s, Samsung, Wendy’s and GLAAD.


Brand Strategy and Planning
Creative Direction
Experiential Design
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Custom Fabrication
Event Management and Production