Photo :     Ryan Kobane

Photo: Ryan Kobane

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Queer Me Out

May 2018

Deployed in tandem with Marriott’s existing “Love Travels” hashtag, the 2017 rollout of Queer Me Out captured a major cultural shift in hotel programming by launching the very first global LGBTQ+ speaker platform that provided connected properties around the world with local queer audiences.

The inaugural year also introduced a roster of key players and partners, established the series’ tone and developed the foundation of a recognizable program identity.

In 2018, The Gathery was tasked with expanding the program’s look and feel leading to a re-focus of the visual language for Queer Me Out. Finding inspiration on the queer slang that unifies groups globally, Queer Me Out’s new experiential identity launched with an exclusive panel hosted by Philip Picardi at the brand’s sought-after Times Square location.


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